Irresistible Me Hair Extensions: Review & Photos*

Hi beauties,

I’m back with another post for you today! I know it’s been awhile… I’ve been busy studying, but I decided to take a study “break” and write up this post! I’ve had these pictures ready for ages, back when my hair was red and I was 6kg heavier! But hey at least I’m posting it now right? πŸ™‚

Today I am reviewing the Irresistible Me royal remy 22 inch 200gram hair extensions in royal ginger. Let’s take a look shall we?





As you can see they come packaged pretty well, in a zip lock bag with 2 separate compartments. You can open up one side to test the colour and if they don’t match you can then send them back which I think is a great idea.

The extensions come secured in rubber bands in a large hair net. To be honest I was pretty dissapointed they were secured with rubber bands as opposed to ribbons or even hair ties, as the rubber band did get caught on some hair. Also as you can see there was a small amount of glue on one of my wefts near the clip which I had to wash out prior to use. So overall my initial impression wasn’t a good one!


Despite my initial reaction of course I then tried them out. As you can see they add a lot of volume and length to my hair. I wish my hair was still red so I could still wear them!

These hair extensions are 100% human remy hair so you can colour and style them. I always recommend to curl the extensions with your natural hair to help them blend in and look natural.

Now onto what I love and don’t love:


  • Human hair, easy to style and blend in with your natural hair.
  • In this particular set there is one very thick weft, so if you put this towards the bottom of your head you can get away with using less wefts while not compromising on length of volume.
  • The wefts are well stitched to the clips and the clips sit flush against your head so are easy to blend.


  • Packaging. Not a fan of the rubber bands, I expect more for the price of these extensions.
  • The price tag is quite steep,Β but they are still cheaper than getting micro bead or tape extensions in a salon.

Overall I do enjoy wearing extensions for added length and volume for special occasions, but I definitely wouldn’t wear them everyday! While these are pricey, they are good quality hair that is super soft!

Do you guys ever wear hair extensions? What is your favourite brand you’ve tried? Let me know in the comments!

Also, I will be working on blogging more consistently after my exam on Tuesday! Fingers crossed I can get at least 1 post a week up for you so please leave me some requests!

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Disclaimer: This product was kindly provided to Kflowermaquillage for consideration. Receiving products does not guarantee a review,Β and my posts will always be 100% honest. I will never recommend anything to you that I wouldn’t buy myself!



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