Obsession 2015: Inside A Beauty Blogger Event + Update!

Hey loves!

I have news for you guys! I have obtained a full time job woo hoo! I’m starting on Monday! I’ll be trying to get posts up every Wednesday & Friday, but I may only be able to get one up a week. I’ll see how I go!

Last Saturday I went to my first beauty blogger event, Obsession 2015. It was such an amazing day, I got to meet fellow beauty bloggers that I’ve been chatting to online, and it was so great to meet fellow beauty bloggers from my area!

I thought you guys would be interested to hear all about it so I decided to do a post for you!

Obsession 2015 was put together by 2 amazing fellow bloggers, Kate from The Minted Beauty and Dani from Kaboom Cosmetics. It was held at a hotel here in Brisbane, and it was a seriously amazing day. Well done girls!

So basically at Obsession everyone got to mingle with fellow bloggers, then we got to watch some product presentations by brands including Benefit Cosmetics & LUSH. And did I mention there were goodie bags and prizes galore? It was seriously amazing and I loved meeting some fellow beauty bloggers ❤

Here are some photos from the event!


The amazing Benefit Cosmetics goodie bags! So pretty ❤


A display of the new Benefit Roller lash mascara all ready for their presentation.


The Rouche Boutique display.


The gorgeous Elemis display.

Want a peek at what was in our generous goodie bags?





I also won this cosmetics cube by Ettica in a competition! It’s gorgeous & I can’t wait to transfer some of my makeup into it :p


If you spot anything you would like a review of please let me know in the comments ❤

If you have any questions, comments or requests please leave them below.

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6 thoughts on “Obsession 2015: Inside A Beauty Blogger Event + Update!

  1. Maria B says:

    Great job with that cosmetic cube, it looks really pretty and it seems to fit a lot! 😁 yaaay for winning! And congratulations on your job, you are officially an adult 😱 have a beautiful day!

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