How To: Shape/Groom Your Eyebrows At Home!

Hey beauties!

It’s nearly Christmas! Who’s excited?!

So as I’m sure you guys know, I love to fill in my brows. After all, doesn’t everyone want their brow game to be strong?! πŸ˜‰ Eyebrows frame the face, and are a necessary step in your makeup routine!

If you want a strong brow game read on!

So first you need to shape your brows. But what shape should they be? Well there is actually a “perfect” brow shape that flatters everyone.


The brow should begin in line with the natural line of the outer bridge of your nose. The highest point of your arch should be in line with an imaginary line from the outer rim of your pupil and the bridge line. The brows should end in line with the bridge line and the outer corner of your eye.

When it comes to actually de-fuzzing your brows, their is a variety of options. Since this is an at home brow grooming post, we will be talking about waxing, plucking & trimming.

Before you start waxing or plucking, go around your brow shape with pomade, powder or pencil so you can easily see any hairs that are outside this shape and need to go. Then go in with your wax or tweezers! It helps to wax or pluck straight after a shower when your pores are open.

Brow perfecting products:


Personally, I use a microwaveable hard wax first and then go in with my tweezers to get any hairs I missed, or hairs that are close to my brow line that I don’t want to wax. You will also need some brow trimmers to trim any hairs at the start of your brows that are too long. To do this simply comb your brow hairs straight up with a spoolie then trim them so they are in line with the top of your brow. Be careful trimming hairs from the middle of your brows as you may end up with bald patches because they make up the “bushiness” of your brows.

After your finished waxing, plucking & trimming to your desired shape splash some cold water onto the area to close the pores and ease the pain.

Now onto filling those babies in!

My favourite brow products:


Personally I like to use more high end brands for my brows, because the majority of drugstore brand products are extremely warm toned, which I am not a fan of. But of course, you can use any brands you like! Your brows should ideally be a couple of shades darker than your hair colour.

My favourite products to use are Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow pomade in Medium brown,Β Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, and Benefit Gimme brow. To fill in my brows I first draw a faint line at the bottom of the brow and brush upwards with small strokes. I then do more strokes through the brows, and draw another faint line at the top. I try to go easy on the start of my brow for a more natural look. After I fill them in with my Dipbrow pomade or Brow wiz, I go in with Gimme brow to set them in place and provide a bit more fullness to the hairs. You can also go around your brows with concealer after filling them in for a sharper look that makes the brows pop.

If you don’t have these products, you can use any pencil, powder, or gel you wish to achieve the same effect :).

I hope you guys liked this post & learnt something new about brows! Do you like having a strong brow game?

If you have any questions, comments or requests please leave them below.

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6 thoughts on “How To: Shape/Groom Your Eyebrows At Home!

  1. Samantha Penninipede says:

    I’m on an everlasting quest to perfect my brow game, so this was a great post to read! Have you ever used tinkle razors? I find them to be really helpful if I don’t have time to tweeze and just want to get rid of some stray hairs (ex. in between my eyebrows).

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