The Princess Tag!

Hello my lovelies!

How are you all?

Today I thought it would be fun to do the princess tag. I was looking for some tags to do because I freaking love tags and I settled on this one. I’m thinking of also doing the I love drugstore makeup tag, so if you’d like to see that then let me know in the comments below!

The princess tag is broken up by categories, and you basically just pick your favourite high end makeup item for each category. Let’s hop right in!




From left to right: MAC mineralize blush in Dainty, MUFE HD foundation, MAC MSF in Soft & Gentle, MAC MSF Natural, The Balm Mary Lou-manizer, Bobbi Brown corrector in Bisque, Benefit Hoola, NARS Deep throat blush, MAC studio finish concealer.


I chose my Makeup Forever HD Foundation. It gives great coverage and has a gorgeous ‘healthy’ finish.


I seriously love high end concealers. My picks are the Bobbi Brown corrector in Bisque and MAC studio finish concealer (which I use on blemishes & areas of my face that need a bit more coverage). Honourable mention to my It Cosmetics bye bye under eye concealer and MAC pro longwear concealer.


I only have 2 high end powders, because frankly I love drugstore ones! I chose my MAC MSF Natural.


Benefit Hoola. This is the perfect contouring shade for me. A nice light brown shade that isn’t shimmery and also isn’t too orange.


Seeing as blush is probably my favourite makeup product, I have a fair few high end ones. My favourites are NARS deep throat and MAC Mineralize blush in Dainty.


The Balm Mary Lou-manizer is hands down my favourite highlighter ever. I also love MAC MSF in Soft & Gentle.

Eyes & Brows:


From left to right: LORAC Pro palette, Benefit They’re real mascara, Benefit BAD Gal lash, Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip brow pomade in blonde,ย Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in medium ash, Stilaย stay all day liquid liner.


I love my eyeshadow palettes. The LORAC Pro palette is probably my favourite along with my Inglot freedom system palette.


I love my Stila stay all day liquid liner to create the perfect wing!


Benefit They’re real is my number 1 pick, and Benefit BAD Gal lash comes in 2nd.

Brow Product

I am obsessed with my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Medium Ash, it is the perfect shade for my brows & matches my eyebrow hair exactly. Runner up is Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip brow pomade in Blonde, although it is a tad too warm toned.



From left to right: YSL glossy stain in #17, NARS lipgloss in Turkish delight, YSL Rouge Volupte in #1.

Lip Liner

I don’t own any high end lip liners! So I couldn’t pick anything for this category.


My YSL Rogue Volupte in #1 is the most luxurious cosmetic item that I own. The packaging alone is so stunning! The lipstick itself is very creamy, moisturising and opaque. Other than this I have a lot of MAC lipsticks, but they aren’t as ‘high end’ as this one.

Lip Gloss

I rarely use these, I should really use them more. I have chosen my NARS lipgloss in Turkish delight and my YSL Glossy stain in #17 (which is technically a lip stain :P). I am in love with the formula of the YSL Glossy stain and wish I could have all the shades! It is an opaque glossy stain (duh!) that lasts hours and hours and is still glossy! I have also tried the L’Oreal version and they just don’t compare in my opinion.


I didn’t take a photo of this, but it would have to be my Glasshouse candle in Tahaa. This candle is the most heavenly vanilla caramel scent. It is my favourite scent in the world and I wish there was a perfume that smelt the same!

Nail Polish

I don’t own any high end nail polishes.

So that’s the princess tag! Whilst I think high end beauty products are nice, they definitely aren’t necessary. Often the drugstore offers the same quality products, and sometimes the quality of drugstore products is even better than high end! As you can see, for some categories I don’t even own anything high end which just shows that I love my drugstore makeup products ๐Ÿ™‚

I tag:



Joanna Loves


The Makeup Affair

Lucy Sparkle Beauty

And anyone else who wants to do it! I was going to tag a few more people, but I know that not everyone owns/wears high end products ๐Ÿ™‚

If you have any questions, comments or requests please leave them below.

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